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Giselle is available online, by phone or in person. To arrange a time, please email or text:, 0490 793 964


Giselle supports Suncorp, a local Australian bank who supports North Queensland flood-affected communities.  Feel welcome to pay via bank transfer to Giselle’s Suncorp account, please message for account details

Alternatively, you’re welcome to pay for your chosen service on the links below via Paypal:

Gift Voucher – the gift of “You Time”

Standard voucher $50 For other amounts, please contact Giselle directly: 0490 793 964


Healing & Psychic Reading, 1.5hrs

In Person sessions only


30 min Session

In Person, WeChat, Skype or by Phone


1hr Session

In Person, WeChat, Skype or by Phone


Past Life Clearings

45mins - ONLINE or IN PERSON


Email Reading – 2 Questions

Simply email your two questions, your first name and a recent photo, where your eyes are clearly visible, to: Allow 24-48hrs for your personalised Email Reading to arrive


Email Reading – additional question

To be used after the first 2 questions, at $20 per extra question


*Discount applies to locals in Cairns region for Readings and Healings in person, photo ID may be asked for. Please note there is no locals discount for Phone or Email sessions




Giselle has studied a number of healing modalities and thus, over the years developed her own blend of Vibrational Sound Healing.  Healings aim to shift unwanted energy, reset Chakra energy centres & finish with an anchoring, protective sealing so you can enjoy the effects of the healing for an extended period

After a brief consultation, she will tailor a session specific to your concerns, choosing the most suitable crystals and instruments. She will then create a Sound Bath using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drum and a Rainstick

Giselle will also relay any psychic messages she receives during the reading, to arm you with tools to prevent any issues from re-occuring

1hr $95

1.5hr Psychic Reading/Healing session $130



*please note, there is no local discount for Phone or Email sessions


All of Giselle’s work is predominantly Clairvoyant, where she will be able to offer constructive guidance flowing in from your Guides and the Divine.  She will also sense, hear (and even taste) things that accurately relate to your life!

Giselle combines this skill with other modalities such as the Past Life Clearings, Mediumship, Tea Leaf Ceremonies & of course, the Tarot

MEDIUMSHIP Readings are performed Clairvoyantly and Clairaudiently.  While it is an emotional experience to connect with people and pets who have crossed over, these Readings are generally “light and lovely”, with Giselle relaying mostly joyful messages from those who appear beside you

1hr $95

30min $55


Something you may not know about Tarot?  The earliest known divination cards originated in Turkey in the 14th century…however the Tarot itself was developed in the 15th century as a card game, similar to Bridge. Italian aristocracy commissioned decks of 78 cards, known as “Carta di Trionfi”, meaning Cards of Triumph, which served not only as a game, but contained wisdom on succeeding in life’s trials.  Since then, different Tarot decks have emerged over the centuries, with different interpretations on how to use them & new artistic interpretations of the original 78 cards

Giselle’s readings draw on Tarot wisdom from the original card game, but are blended with a modern interpretation, being relevant for today’s worldly concerns.  She is able to give you a general reading across many areas of your life, and focus on specific areas at a much deeper level. Also, when you are at a crossroads in your life, Giselle uses the Tarot to show you what each potential option will look like if you were to take those paths, leaving you well-informed to choose the paths that best suit you

Those who come with an open mind leave with clarity, knowledge & accurate answers




Ancient religions such as Buddhism & Hinduism – and even modern philosophers believe we face certain unexplained challenges in our lives, as we have unfinished business to “smooth out”, or tasks to complete from past lives.

In a Past Life Reading, Giselle will help you uncover very specific occurrences that happened in your past lives and invites you to “unlock” the problem, so it does not need to repeat itself again in this life

Clients have reported Giselle’s readings to be very vivid & descriptive…as one client said, it is “rather like watching the History Channel” – and that the readings explain why they have certain affiliations for places, people, concepts and even unexplained fears

Reconnect with your history and remember, past knowledge is the key to moving forward.

These readings take no more than 30 minutes, but can be coupled with a Healing, Tarot or Tea Leaf reading in a 1 hour session.  Past life readings may be done in person, remotely over the phone, Skype or via email

45min $75



Giselle’s Tea Leaf Readings come from a traditional technique taught by an elder family matriarch from Yunnan Province, China.  It is performed in a traditional tea ceremony style, which clients have found to be both meditative and healing

Tea leaf readings are a little like diving into the ocean, showing you things in your inner world that are coming to the surface now, or may be dormant in the depths of your soul and may come into reality at a later time.  They also look at your outer world, describing things you can expect to happen in the near & distant future, and pay testament to things you’ve achieved and unwanted pasts you can finally let go of

A very insightful experience, refreshing to the mind and the pallete

Tea Leaf readings are available in person only and take no more than 30 minutes, but can be coupled with a Healing, Past Life or Tarot reading in a 1 hour session.  Giselle also teaches classes in Tea Leaf readings & Psychic Development

30min $55

Terms & Conditions:

  • Clients having remote readings are required to pay before the scheduled Reading commences
  • Cancellations must be made by the client by 9am AEST on the day of the scheduled reading
  • For cancellations made by the client after 9am AEST on the day of the scheduled reading, 50% of the client’s payment may be retained, to cover any costs incurred to Giselle
  • If clients do not turn up to a scheduled appointment, and do not give any cancellation notice, 0% of their payment will be refunded
  • For clients running late, the reading will be for the duration of the time frame booked, example Readings booked for 10am that commence at 10.10am due to lateness, must end at 11am. This ensures others booked in after you are not kept waiting
  • All Readings including Email Readings are non-refundable once Giselle’s guidance has been sent