EMPOWERING COUNSELLING SESSIONS (online or in person by the sea at Sarayi, Palm Cove)

Giselle employs a “Wholistic” counselling approach, meaning individuals are seen as whole beings in a world of constant change, with external AND internal forces flowing in & out, impacting on our lives (as opposed to an analysing, labelling approach that assumes we are all in a fixed, permanent state).  Identifying useful anchors during these states of flux is of great importance in Giselle’s work

The sessions firstly allow a portion of time to “offload”, offering you a variety of techniques including Art or Sand Play, Psychodrama (enacting feelings & situations) – or simply just talking.  Giselle will then offer a supportive environment, where you’ll be invited to work together towards harmonious outcomes

Giselle offers guidance with most concerns.  She is also passionate about Career Guidance & assisting with that big “What is my purpose” question we often ask.  Her Masters degree had a strong focus on Couples Counselling, Sexual Health & Gender Identity, therefore any enquiries in this area are also welcome

Giselle’s credentials appear in both her life experiences & Tertiary studies.  She has studied both Psychology and Counselling (at a Masters Level) & volunteered for 2 years under Psychologist supervision at an Artistic Steiner Support Group for women living with cancer.  She has also been a support Mediator in a Family Crisis Centre in Melbourne

Giselle also has the skills to connect respectfully with others from various cultures, those in cross-cultural relationships and people with different religious & non-religious beliefs.  Giselle has been fortunate to have these insights after living harmoniously amongst Buddhist families in Thailand & Nepal (2001), Muslims in remote East Java, Hindus in Bali (2005-2007), and has learned much from Australian Indigenous artists in her Performance Art work (Scenes by the Yarra, 2013 & 2015).  She also has a strong command of Bahasa Indonesia, should this be of use to clients

Giselle’s philosophy is that in order to be a guide for others, Counsellors and Therapists of all kinds need to undergo their own personal therapy journey at different stages in their lives – in other words, if one is to effectively guide others, walking the talk & administering self-care is of the utmost importance.  She also studied mandatory Liberal Arts subjects (at Swinburne) that encourage that necessary ability to self-reflect, among other things

She also respects that everyone’s journey is different and it is not a counsellor’s role to morally advise others what to do, but to simply guide them to make empowered decisions based on their belief systems, so a client may uphold their own personal integrity

The Sessions may take place in person or electronically ie. over the phone, Skype, WeChat.  The artistic & dramatic component to the session is also possible via online modalities

Sessions take 1 hour and are $90. A trial session is recommended. Future sessions are available in blocks of 5 at a discounted rate or may be continued as 1 hr sessions

To arrange your session time, please contact or +61 0490 793 964. Payment is available via Paypal or bank transfer (please message Giselle for banking details)

Wholistic Counselling – 1hr Session


Wholistic Counselling – 5th Session

Your 5th session attracts a discount