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It’s not always easy to find time to make it regularly to classes. Therefore, Giselle has created 2 Meditation Courses in MP3 format. Each course includes 5 Meditations that flow into one another, taking you on a specific and carefully constructed journey to stabilise wellbeing – and the beauty is you can do them at your own pace

Giselle also recommends you treat yourself to a journal and record your experiences as you journey deeper into the Meditations over the coming weeks

Upon purchase, the courses are emailed directly to you in MP3 format

COURSE 1 – Returning Home

A set of 5 nourishing meditations that allow you to return to your heart & reconnect deep within. It is a supportive & comforting process to ease into the course if the Meditations are undertaken in the following order – Coming Home, Visualise It, Feel It, Just Be & The Connection. Journalling your process is also a delight

Recommended for beginner and advanced meditators & has been well received by those in Corporate roles, wishing for time out & energy-recharging

Returning Home – 5 Meditations

Copyright Clairvont Giselle 2018 Music composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke



COURSE 2 – Raising Your Vibration

Choosing our thoughts & intentions invites in a cleaner energy field…which in turn allows us to raise to a higher vibration…opening us to attracting in the best possible outcomes in our lives.  For this powerful process to take root, each meditation (if done in the correct order), assists us in changing our vibration one step at a time

It is recommended one meditation is focused on for a full week before moving on to the next meditation in the course. A journalling process is also encouraged in between meditations to monitor your progress and any personal inspirations you receive

Raise to a Higher Vibration – 5 Week Meditation Online Course

Copyright Clairvoyant Giselle 2018 Music composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke





Giselle believes we each have unique intuitive talents and that these gifts can vary between individuals…rather like the X-Men/Women! In fact recent Neuropsychology research indicates that parts of the brain are firing off when people perform psychic or healing acts

Now, with the absence of an ability-nurturing Avalon or Hogwarts in today’s world, Giselle believes in offering Intuitive Skills Development in the way ancient specialist schools would be run – introducing mandatory “core units” of Grounding and Protection, as a sensible precursor before delving into the “fun, magickal stuff”

All sessions following the Protection & Grounding classes are specifically tailored to you as an individual, so you receive exactly what YOU need to develop your unique skills

Giselle’s tuition style is also injected full of inspirational material for Personal Development, leaving you strongly aware of your own abilities and sense of purpose.  There’s the added benefit of studying at your own pace with no tests or homework, other than journalling your process

Topics covered in sessions may include: 3rd Eye Opening, Spirit & Animal Guides, Protection & Purification, the Auric Field, the Chakra system, Tarot, Wise Craft, Meditation, Lunar Lore, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Sites & Uncovering your Past Lives and more…and feel free to ask if there’s a topic you’d specifically like covered!

NB – this course is NOT giving you the skills to set up an Intuitive Practise. While it’s natural for many to want to share these gifts, simply having gifts and using them with prospective clients are two totally different things. Giselle takes client welfare seriously and knows from her own journey that years of solid training must be put in before “opening shop” and becoming a quality act. Psychologists and social workers etc put in the study and supervisory work before going near clients – for us to be professional and be taken seriously in this business, then we should dedicate ourselves to really learning our craft too. 💎 Giselle is happy to mentor you to open a business, however you must be prepared to do the “hard yards”, out of respect to your future clients. Quotations available on request.

An initial free consult of a 10 minute phone call is offered, for Giselle to put together a personalised program tailored to your goals and needs, with specific learning outcomes.  Sessions may commence at anytime, they can be spaced out as agreed between yourself and Giselle.  Please note, personal Mentoring advice will not be given during this consultation

11x 1hr sessions @ $99 per session, 12th session is FREE

OR 5x 1hr sessions @ $99 per session, 6th session is $75

The Sessions may take place in person, over the phone or online via Skype, WeChat or WhatsApp

How do I know if it’s for me? Giselle will offer a free 10 minute consultation by phone or Skype for you to feel into it & trust your instinct whether it’s for you.  Please note coaching advice will not be given during this consultation.  See end of page for T’s & C’s

NB – Giselle takes on only 5 students at a time to give more quality to each

BOOKINGS, text 0490 793 964 or email


Private Tuition – 1hr Session






A nurturing and uplifting class held on Sarayi Rooftop, Palm Cove available to organised Groups, including corporate, Hens and other Special Events

Drift away to the sounds of the sea and Shamanic Sound Healing instruments

Suited for both beginners & experienced Meditators, your facilitator Giselle provides a guided Meditation, drawing wisdom from 12 years of dedicated study & teaching of Meditation, Psychology, Sound Healing and professional music performance

Includes a free mini Tarot reading on conclusion

$25 casual
$80 – 5 class pass* – SAVE $25

*Make up classes are not permitted on a 5 class pass if you miss a class, however if facilitator cancels the class, your session will be transferred to the next class

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Meditation – 5 Class Pass

Multiple classes pass must be used within 5 consecutive weeks, starting from the date of purchase. Classes are only transferrable to another session if 1. you are able to attend another class running in the same week (please give notice), 2. if a class is cancelled by the facilitator


Meditation – Casual Pass

Once purchased, a casual class cannot be refunded, nor transferred to another session


More information on Classes:

  • Payment upfront required to secure your place, for bank details, please contact:
  • Cancellations must be made up to 24hrs before class commences, so someone else can be offered your place
  • If you cancel a pre-booked course or a multiple class pass during the 24hrs before first class begins, Giselle will refund 50% only of your downpayment to cover any costs incurred to Giselle
  • Multiple classes pass must be used within 5 consecutive weeks, starting from the date of purchase. Classes are only transferrable to another session if 1. you are able to attend another class running within the same week (please give notice), 2. if a class is cancelled by the facilitator