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In Essence…energy

Recently, I discussed the Law of Threes and that things sometimes have to happen thrice before we stand up and take note.  This post is in response to something I’ve been asked about three times recently, so I thought it was time to have it out in the open…

…”How is a phone Reading possible?”…

Actually for me, getting results for a client during a phone Reading, is an incredibly clear way to work, especially when I can’t see a person. You may have noticed when I Read for you in person, that my eyes are closed a lot of the time during the Reading. It would take some time to explain the physics of it, but basically I can “see” more when I read purely from essence, without any physical visual cues. And I’ve done 2000-odd phone sessions to test my theory!

A simple explanation I can give is: by closing my eyes, I’m able to zoom out, find your Essence, introduce it to my Essence, they both have a chat – and back I zoom, back into the Muggles world to explain to you what I See. A highly trained Clairvoyant is very comfortable jumping outside of time/space, or as some argue, into a different dimension where the Sight is stronger – and jumping back again. A bit like juggling between two windows on your phone.

And if you’re like me – and enjoy the nerdistics of the physics – the laws of physics state that Energy and the Energy around objects have strong potential for change.  And some physicists theorise that when an object moves from one location to another, the Energy of the object can change by an amount that doesn’t take into consideration the path taken.

In this case, if the Reader and clients are the objects (for want of a better word!) and these objects are changed, or at least for me, the view of Energy around the object changes and expands, when I “move” from one place to another, ie. by shifting focus from the Muggles world to the Ether – and, as the law states, it doesn’t depend on the “path” taken ie. whether you’re Reading in front of a person, or across cyberspace – then why shouldn’t a Psychic who is comfortable working this way, be able to Read from long distance? I can’t go into any more here, without launching into a full blown Psychic-Physics workshop, but hopefully that provides some insight.

It was once said that it takes Science AND Art blended together to make magick – and a little bit of focus too!

And finally, there’s Faith. Give it a go – and you may be happily surprised!  Read more at:


Survival Guide for Lunar Eclipses and other Big Shiftsmission

A while back, my posts were about using Eclipse time and other heavenly shifts as a chance to clear away the old and empower yourselves to choose that which resonates with your soul…but what about taking it a step further and opening to what the higher consciousness / divine energy / God / The Universe etc. has in store for you too, during these major universal shifts?

No need for alarm, don’t feel you’re at the whim of someone else’s plan – and what if the Universe knew what was best for you and you actually LIKED what was in store? What if the higher calling we’re ALL being asked to gently step into was so in line with your values, dreams & wishes?  Surrender control and find out…

What if you could wake up in a place you felt good? What if you could get paid to do what you love – yes, let’s all accept money exists at the moment and it’s better to feed ourselves doing what we love, rather than coming home with a heavy heart from doing a job we convince ourselves to like.

And most of all, what if you had an inclusive community that wants to learn, grow and share knowledge for the greater good?

Today is the perfect day to just ask for guidance or a sign on what your higher calling might be. Ask how you can contribute back in your own unique way. What your specific mission is on the planet in this incarnation…

…are you the talented barista who gives the stressed lawyer a beautiful smile as you hand them their coffee, giving them enough positive energy to get through their afternoon? Now, that’s meaningful work…as is the work of a surgeon who removes a deadly tumor, allowing that particular patient to move on and continue to heal the world in whatever way is unique to them.

We all have innate gifts we can use, no matter how large or small we think they are, or how society judges them. The easiest way to access them is to be yourself, assess what feels heart warming, what brings you joy – as there’ll be others who feel the same joy from your creations once you put them out into the world.

Obviously finding your dream career can take some time to achieve (and volunteering, or simply including others, are also wonderful ways of working your magic). The planet needs help right now, so this eclipse energy will speed things along and bring opportunities for you to investigate. All you need to do is ask the question: “Why am I here and how can I give back?”

For more clarity on your Bigger Picture, contact me for a Reading or perhaps some Journey Coaching… Read more at:


Frustrations, Humility and the Law of Threesfrust

Isn’t it funny how truth changes, depending on the lens you look through?

Perspective 1

There was an irate mother alone in a long movie ticket queue, who was complaining about the long line up and worrying that she’d miss her film, and that she had kids to pick up by a certain time…!
And behind her there was a young lady who made comments about how “impatient and insecure” the mother in front of her was, all the while tossing her hair and prattling on to her companion, who kept checking her phone a lot, plainly uninterested in her friend’s chatter.
I wanted to step in and say, “Guess what, ladies? We are all insecure about something! Show me someone who doesn’t have a care in the world about at least one thing! That’s how we grow! And let’s have compassion for why others might have these insecurities.”
Perspective 2
Take the worried mother in the long queue. Instead of seeing a pushy, snippy person, perhaps we could step in her shoes for a moment and understand that maybe she has 5 kids, works part time and has hardly any “me time” and maybe this is her only chance to see a film this year (and maybe, like I once was, she wasn’t tech savvy enough to pre-book tickets!).
Take the young lady. Even if the things she talks about sound dull to others, they are important to her. I know lots of things I wouldn’t give a thought to now, were super-duper important to me once. Maybe she doesn’t get to talk to many people, as she’s inundated with uni work and also has a part time job – and maybe this is HER only chance to see a movie in a long time and connect with a friend.
Who knows what people go through?
This does not condone anyone’s behaviour that may have been an annoyance to others. I’m simply pointing out that we all have a back story.
But back to “insecurities”, it’s really good to acknowledge rather than feel ashamed of them. Just grab whatever that insecurity is by the horns and drag it along with you down that rabbit hole of self discovery. Sure it seems dark and scary at first, but wow, there might be a lot of gemstones hidden in that tunnel lighting the way. Yes, it’s a process, but you sure feel empowered coming out the other end! And you have to be ready…
I notice patterns. In my clients’ lives, in my own. Especially in Threes. There are the well-known Threes, eg. “Third time’s a charm”, The Holy Trinity, or (my favourite) Maiden, Mother, Crone. Also, there are the Cyclical Threes, eg. many people comment on having three years of the same type of event, people, or situation showing up in their lives before a new phase kicks in. Or the Pattern of Threes, eg. three dodgy bosses in a row who underpay, three ex boyfriends who all cheated…throughout time three shows up as one of those magic numbers.
I know something happened to me thrice (love that word!) over a period of two years with living spaces and once I cottoned on, I was able to tackle it, dive to the source and realise I was inadvertently causing it (by not being specific enough about what my needs were while house hunting and not trusting enough that a great space would show up, give or take a few minor things). Sure reeks of an “impatience” and “settling for less” mentality where living space is concerned. Bingo – insecurities identified!
And it even gets to the stage where you can actually laugh at yourself – with kindness of course, as joy is a cure-all vibration.
(Yes, Readers, Healers and Therapists have their flaws outside of their work – I know many who do an excellent job holding space for others, but I really admire those who are also committed to the life-long pursuit of self improvement – and weeding out their Threes! To walk the talk. No one has all the answers overnight…and some issues take priority, before we tackle the next lot.)
In fact, the energy of moving forward sure feels great and I wish we could all view success as how much we’ve grown over the course of our life and owned our s*it, even MORE than the usual suspects we label as “successful”. How great if your tombstone read:
“Passed on, wealthy with self-awareness,
Cried, laughed, lived
And tried to find the silver linings”
So, does it really have to take three times for us to stand up and notice when something needs to be addressed? Perhaps we don’t even need for the bad to happen that frequently for us make the changes. Perhaps we should play that game of “hot and cold” and if something feels too “hot” from the get go, take your time with it, lest your heart gets singed. Balance, as always, is the key.
So…Once, twice, thrice! Snap your fingers and bring those little frustrations forth to explain themselves, then farewell them and thank them for all their lessons.
Anyhoo, if anyone does feel up to clearing those annoying little things that have come in threes this past decade, I’m happy to be of support with my Personal Development services by Phone.



On Beautiful Mistakes & Being HumanFFA9C0FC-D7FD-42B9-8F59-28F3EA60CA1D

Often when I observe similar concerns come up around the same time in clients or friends, I like to reflect on what’s happening on a cosmic level to bring awareness to a common theme.

Recently, with the moon passing through Capricorn, the sign of perfectionism, a topic has come to my attention through numerous conversations and I have named it “Beautiful Mistakes”. 

There are two types of mistakes –

Terrible Mistakes which affect not only ourselves, but others or our environment. Extreme examples may be murder, theft and so on, then there’s unintentional Terrible Mistakes such as certain car accidents that result in severe injury or death to others.

Beautiful Mistakes are the more of the “you brought this on yourself” types of mistakes such as eating foods high in sugar and wondering why there are repercussions like feeling low in energy and mood when the sugar spike drops, then starting the cycle again by gobbling more sweet treats, creating a sugar addiction (I’ve certainly experienced that).

In some cases learning the hard way can be a good thing too, if you take the sugar example, I found I repeated the sugar-hit behaviour until one day something within me naturally “clicked” and after that, I had a great time researching the effects of sugar and finding all these creative little substitutes. It really worked on a motivational level because I lead myself to water, rather than changing habits as a reaction to others’ expectations of me (and I certainly don’t judge those who still enjoy their sugar, as their chemical composition may not be as sensitive as mine).

But before we go into that more, I invite you to take a moment to look at the crystal in the picture. If you look closely, there are lovely rainbow reflections within and many mesmerising facets – and then there’s the base which appears rough and stunted in comparison. Finally, some parts of the crystal are actually growing back from past cracks (it is a very powerful self-healing quartz crystal).

This crystal represents us – we are all beautiful, multifaceted and perfect in our imperfections and we are all growing at a different rate.

In my work as a therapist, healer and intuitive reader, I have seen many break down in tears because of blunt and poorly-timed attempts to correct their Beautiful Mistakes where others have preached popular spiritual theories such as “the law of attraction”, “karma” and “gratitude” (NB – those theories, if introduced correctly at an appropriate time, are very powerful healing tools).

Some people do have thicker skins and thrive on such directness, but many are still nurturing and working through their wounds, and find it only hinders their progress if they’re hit with theories at the inappropriate time and especially by someone not trained in this field. And on the extreme shadow side, many years back, I had one client in total distress because she was cruelly told by a friend she “attracted in” her violent rape.

By no means am I suggesting we mollycoddle and encourage a “poor you” victim mentality,  which actually disempowers people in their healing journey. However, I am suggesting to be aware of the concept of “unintentional shaming”, one of the most common issues I witness in sessions, where clients report people close to them frequently point out how they could have done things better, or criticise how the person goes about their daily life, from what’s in their fridge to how they raise their family, or the type of job they do. And sometimes it’s not even what was said, but the constant derisive tone (again often unintentional).

Over time this can lead to the “shamed” person losing self-esteem and displaying anxiety and even fear in the presence of the “shamer”. While the shaming comments are usually small and “harmless”, it becomes a frustration over the build-up of several small incidents and often means there’s a respect/boundary issue on both sides.

The other person may mean well and wish to shield their loved ones from hurt – but what they are actually doing is what the farmer did in the old tale about planting carrot seeds, and getting up each morning in frustration because the carrots weren’t growing at a rate that met his expectations – and eventually pulling at the green shoots, demanding the carrot grow into a full size carrot overnight (can you imagine how the carrot would feel being yanked at when all it’s trying to do is grow at the perfect pace the universe intended it!). 

There is also the concept of “owning our 50%”. Are you judging or criticising others (intentionally or unintentionally) and wondering why they ark up about it? Perhaps there’s a valid reason for your advice, but perhaps there’s a beautiful flaw within yourself that needs to be examined, in why you need to correct others mistakes. Perhaps start with the old “holding your tongue” adage and see if that improves relations.

Also try to remember, we aren’t all the same and that’s ok. My time spent living in remote parts of Asia was a big eye opener (an example – saying someone is “fat” in Indonesia is a sincere compliment as it’s a sign of beauty…I certainly wasn’t going to preach to a whole nation to change their perception, and I tended to agree with them that shapely figures are as attractive as the non-shapely (for more on this, see an earlier blog on “Every Body is Beautiful”). 

Just know it is ok if others’ values are different to yours – but we all should have the human right to live in a way that is fitting to us. It’s ok to express your values, but don’t do it in a way that implies your way is superior, as it may make them nervous in your presence (think of Mrs Bouquet in “Keeping up Appearances” handing her neighbour Elizabeth a safe beaker to drink from that she can’t possibly spill, not knowing that Elizabeth has become nervous and clumsy from Mrs Bouquet’s judgements!).

And if you are feeling the calling to truly guide others to positive change in therapy work of some kind, perhaps we need to explore which qualifications are required and choose a course that has a component in ethics and empathy to effectively guide others to handle the multifaceted “crystals” within us all.

I am offering mentorships online and in person to those who wish to work as professionals in the wholistic industry, to increase and interpret their intuitive abilities, and also work with the ethical, empathetic aspects crucial to this type of work.

For more information, contact me on 0490793964 or


On Every Body is Beautiful…in Ancient Times and Now thumbnail_FullSizeRender-1

Take your mind back to images (or past lives) of Goddess iconography, particularly beautiful images of Gaia with her rounded womb and full breasts, representing the Mother Earth. Think of Botticelli’s models and other painters who drew attention to the beauty of the flesh – especially when there was a lot of flesh.

Now jump forward to the 1960’s and visualise Twiggy and all the stick-thin models that followed. Countless centuries of the “big is beautiful” perception had almost been wiped out in just 50 years!  How is that logical?

Adversely, how did we buy into thin as not being in, either?  Imagine if you were born in the 1940s, as my Mother was. In her younger years she was made to feel ugly for

being “skinny as a bean pole”, then made to feel equally unappealing for having gained weight in her later years.  How do people in her generation feel right at the crux of those changes – and why have most of us bought into it?

Among many cultures, differing concepts of beauty exist too.  One of the most opposite-to-Western perceptions I came across was in Indonesia – if you put on weight, you’d be complimented (weight gain means an affluent & prosperous life).  If you lost weight, they’d cluck their tongue at you and shake their heads disapprovingly, as if you hadn’t been taking good enough care of yourself.

There is a collective consciousness effect where we buy into ideas more readily, if the energy of that idea propelled and given enough power.  Imagine attending a concert with a friend to see a band you don’t particularly like, but you go anyway as your friend wanted the company.  You can truly tap into the crowd’s enthusiasm for that band, and before you know it, you’re buying an EP at the door on your way out!  We forget to remember what We as individuals actually prefer.

And try to remember, women (and men) of all sizes frequently put themselves down. Having worked as a personal fashion stylist, I witnessed it all the time. One woman in particular was in the Australian petites sizing, and felt terrible about her body because she felt she wasn’t curvy enough, or looked feminine in her clothes. She saw herself as “ugly, boyish and flat chested”. So everyone feels negative towards their bodies at times, regardless of what shape popular culture dictates is beautiful.

In that role, it was also lovely to witness a sense of pride and confidence in women of all shapes too. Some of the BEST dressed women I’ve worked with were size 18-24.  I’m not sure why they came in for styling sessions, as many of them already really knew how to use fabric, textures, cuts and colour schemes to show off their best assets & beauty! And most importantly, during sessions we would all talk about the importance of who we are on the inside too.

So, enough is enough!  It is time to stop thinking we are ugly and start approaching our bodies & spirits as living organisms that need to be treated with love and respect.  Certainly it’s wise to fuel our tanks with healthy food & gentle exercise that supports our individual system’s needs, but it’s equally healthy to treat ourselves on occasion – and stop damning ourselves. I walk and swim for a spring in my step – not so someone else will think I’m attractive.

And zoom out and see the bigger picture – “ugly” is only an idea sold to us and the concept of “ugly” changes over time.  The Goddess has and always will be Beautiful, and so are you.


On what the Animals have to Teach usimg_2967

Is it possible to communicate with an animal outside of words, or observe them outside of clinical experiments conducted with our closest relatives like chimpanzees?  And if we could communicate outside of these paradigms, what would the animals say?  How would you “get the message” so to speak?

Recently, on a boat trip to see the whales in Hervey Bay, QLD, I couldn’t help but pick up on energies passing between the whales and humans.  And the effect it had on people!  The frantic flurry of some of the boat passengers, almost knocking aside children to position themselves in the best spot to take photos of the 30 odd whales we saw that day.  And observing others who were obviously satisfied with the few happy snaps they took and were ready to sit back and enjoy the rhythmic rocking of the boat, and simply take in the sight of various whales popping their heads up and flapping their fins to say hello.

And then there was me, just observing feelings I had when the whales appeared.  Before hopping on the boat that morning, I had a strong vision of a whale coming very close to me to open its mouth, whereupon it revealed a sore back tooth and it was addressing me as if I was some kind of dentist.  None of them appeared ill when I saw them up close, in fact they were flourishing, giving milk to their calves (who gain 8kg an hour).  I took the dream as a plea for help in the area of whale conservation, but I have to mention, I later discovered that day my own tooth needed attending to…

Perhaps the whales also were giving all of us a message…coming to the surface to teach us the concept of healing the planet in any small or large way, as every bit helps.  The passion they awoke in us all that day was inspirational…often seeing something bigger than ourselves is the key to awakening other senses, feelings, moods, thoughts and helps us zoom out to global concerns greater than our own.  So for me, I felt compelled to look at conservation volunteering in the waterways.

What do animals awaken in you?


On Parenting Intuitivelyimg_7196

Parenting is a word with many connotations, and it raises the question of what a successful parent is.  Stop for a moment and think what it would be like to see your child all grown up, feeling proud that they’re now on their own two feet.  And then you look back at your parenting style and (hopefully) you pat yourself on the back because you’ve been a huge contributor to their growth…now ask yourself what did it take to get you and your child there?

Also consider how much input the child had in their own development – and how much you got to know your child’s personality, to give you hints on the best way to encourage her/him?  Or did you feel drawn to another’s theory, or a failsafe parenting method in certain situations?  And most importantly, did you listen to YOUR instinct and go by YOUR values?

There are no answers – and to make it even more complex, values and ethics differ across individuals (not just between cultures).  And on TOP of that, guess what?!  Your child is going to have their own values and interpretation of life.  The line between the clan’s emblem and the individual’s journey beyond the pack is very fine.

To be honest, I am also bumbling through parenting as much as any person and at times I get it wrong, then I get it right, I try to learn from my mistakes, and I’m open to others’ theories (such as Dr. Phelan’s “1,2,3 Magic”) if they happen to resonate well with me & my child.

I also try not to beat myself up for my perceived failures (the entertaining film “Bad Mums” lets you off the hook a little, though I prefer to think of myself as a Mum-Who-Tries-Her-Best, not a “bad” one).  I try to accept external advice graciously but defend my point when necessary too. And in general, I go for a nurturing – but not too mollycoddling – style as I believe too much coddling is as equally disempowering as the authoritarian way.

However, all avenues aside, I GET IT RIGHT much more often when I tap into my child’s needs and my own intuition.

Perhaps the best way to understand this is to see your child as the captain and you as the navigator.  Some may raise an eyebrow at letting one so young be the captain, but it IS their ship and you want to empower them to be able to fully take over the mast when it’s time.  And you’re right there beside them in the early stages to help them when there’s dangerous waters ahead.  You may even let them play in the slightly stormy seas to test out their new skills and if they happen to fail the first time, you can redirect them to something you know they can do and then encourage them to try again when it FEELS like the right time.

Another analogy that may help you access your intuition is the “knowing” you use when catching a wave.  I’m no surfer, but having used boogie boards as a kid, I only ever caught waves if I got out of my head and purely into instinct (and common sense safety).  It’s all about timing, recognising when the wave has started pulling back, then swelling and then bang! a second or two later, that’s the exact moment to lay on your board and let the wave take you on the ride.

With children it’s no different, simply pick your moments.  Trust your self and your child’s body language when you feel it’s time for change, especially around those huge moments in a little one’s life, eg. toilet training, changing care environments, going on a plane for the first time.  And when Life happens and you feel your child wasn’t ready for that something that just came up, and you couldn’t avoid it or shield them from it (and it’s NOT always your fault when it happens!), then trust your instinct to help them manage through.  And when they start to have a grasp on coping with it, give tons of positive affirmation.

I’ve found it helpful to break those tricky moments into minute by minute chunks, in other words pace yourself through the marathon.  Also external stimulation at times is the key to distraction. Other times you may sense the best tonic is a good cuddle and some shut-off time from the world.  So it’s all a case-by-case, child-by-child basis.  Just feel your way through it.

So trust yourself, and be open to the idea that perhaps you and your little one DO know best, together as a team…and if you’re coming from a place of loving kindness you’re definately on the right track.


On Past Lives and Galaxy Origins, sometime in 2015cropped-img_30951.jpg

“They” say (and They always have a lot to say!) that if you are going to practise as anything, it helps to experience something in your own area of practise for your own self-development – and for empathy.  So I look at my own Past Lives when I feel the pull, usually they are non-glamourous nor famous, so no, I wasn’t Cleopatra or Atilla the Hun (though I sense there were eyebrow-raising trace elements of Father Grigori Rasputin, in my early days).  But what I See each time shows me how my past actions in those lives have been the cause of certain karmic lessons I have in this life.  And today, I’d like to share one past life that was off the planet – literally!

I was sitting on Rainbow Beach, QLD, and a vision came over me where I saw, three tall, white, thin entities much like the Zoras in the Zelda Nintendo game (you might have to google the Zoras!).

Though my eyes were open, the three beings appeared like transfers on plastic paper, superimposed on top of the beach scene, so that the whole scene merged and became one and the same.  One of these beings was near me on the edge of the water and the other two were in the water, all three standing in formation.

Then suddenly behind them, out of the sea, rose a white marble domed building, it reminded me of lost cities under the water like Atlantis.
Suddenly, my third eye kicked in fully (I can only describe this as when my two eyes unfocus so I no longer see any part of the actual world in front of me – and everything I do see from then on is purely stuff I watch on what I call my “psychic big screen” – AKA a Vision!)
In this vision, I was transported inside the white marble building and I was definately in another life/dimension as a historian in a great library. I saw myself in my private reading room reading a book, I could almost feel the leather bound cover and rich, thick parchment pages. I felt I was looking up facts on healing planet Earth, but I kept getting distracted by this flask of purply brown juice in front of my reading desk.
I gave up on my reading and drank it, the temptation was too strong, and next thing I know there was a ball of electricity dancing about in my hands! More electricity came crashing down through the heavens and through my crown chakra and into my whole being so I became light, not soft gentle light like the “white light” we are taught to use as spiritual practitioners, lol. But it was definately energising and not at all lethal, it just felt weird.
So I looked to my Guides and asked, “What am I meant to do with this electricity?” and They said simply, “Go heal that planet” and they showed me planet Earth through a portal. At first They said, “This world is rich and inhabits life, but the life on it will destroy it…” And they paused, long enough for me to feel the emotion of sadness, followed by a strong urge to fight for the planet and not let that happen.
Instantly, as I held that thought, They then continued, “…but it’s not too late. We will send you and others down there to heal it, and teach its inhabitants the healing process.” And the word LIGHTWORKER was given to me then and there.
My clairvoyant work has always been on the earthly plane, seeing into my own and others’ current and past lives as humans on Earth. So the concept that my being comes from Elsewhere is very new to me. I’m not afraid, just a little more awakened/aware.
I wanted to spend longer in the vision, reading more from the manual on How To Heal Planets but I was then kicked out of the vision, plus I was aware of Ixone around me.
However, I was very certain that this episode was the second chapter on this new journey of LIGHTWORKING in my current incarnation…
…the first chapter began on a less explored mountain in rural Sunshine Coast, QLD when, by chance, I ran into a Teacher who gave me my first lesson in zooming out and working on a bigger picture level…

On the Year of the Dog803994F0-D052-4B63-BBEC-1F38D4D6049C.jpeg

Every 12 years the Chinese Zodiac wheel turns and focuses on different animals who came one-by-one to The Buddha’s side when called. You may think of the wheel as having 12 seasons that flow into one another, telling an overall story of a journey that leads a soul from starting out on a task – to finishing it with flying colours (a similar “journey of the soul” is found in The Tarot’s Major Arcana, known as “The Fool’s Journey”).

The wheel starts with the Rat, being such a quick animal to sense when change is coming (such as rats jumping ship, anticipating even before humans, when when a boat is about to sink). Thus the Rat was the first animal to come to The Buddha. So there are lessons in Rat years for us about anticipation & instinct.

The wheel ends with the Pig who took its time in true pig-fashion, but came all the same when it was sincere about being there…again a lesson in not committing unless you are really ready to give it your all.

Interestingly (and despite there being a song about this…) there was no Year of the Cat, for the Cat never came when called, preferring to lick and preen itself instead.

There is a sad story of a cat whose human companion was a Chinese painter commissioned by a Great House to paint the 12 Sacred Animals. Day after day the cat would observe the painter sketching, then painting, each animal and would ask, “When will I be included in the painting?”

The poor painter tried to explain to the cat that he urgently needed money for them both to live, so he had to create the artwork as according to legend…but the cat’s grief grew greater each day and it eventually passed away on the very day the completed artwork was taken to the nobleman’s house.

The painter happily received his money but was distraught to find his cat no longer alive when he returned home with quality fish to share from his earnings.

There are many morals to this tale too about obligation, exclusion, maturity & responsiblity. Though it must be said that cats themselves also represent in many cultures as a Power Animal of discernment, self-respect and the right to choose your own path.

Good news is the Year of the Dog is generally an auspicious year for all!

In Dog years, historically people have been more willing to negotiate – or if they are separating, or being forced to divide, they are more likely to accept the change, as new loyalties, alliances & healthier “energetic matches” with others can be found.

This year is particularly important as we have all gone through a 12 (or more) year roller coaster of personal struggles, global financial crises leading to housing markets going up, thus creating fear in those who are used to having the good life.

It has also been very frightening for people who have worked hard over those years and bravely trusted in their fairly stable circumstances by investing in property or other forms of prosperity, only to find jobs were lost or circumstances changed. Many had to cut back on small luxuries while others were completely uprooted.

The positives now are more people are beginning to practise Gratitude acknowledgements and those who only had to cut back are being more content with themselves rather than “things”…and also to know that what they worked hard for & achieved once, can be gained again in new times.

A Dog year today means we will embody the open & inclusive dog-like qualities & will be more open to building fresh new networks to support us while we are working to regain that abundance & balance.

For those who have lost trust, we will find life connecting us with those we can finally start to rely on, even if in small steps to begin with. (For more on this, check out Thomas Zimmer’s annual inspirational on the 2018 Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide).

There is also a sense of more people giving back, not just the so called “do gooders” – but I’ve observed a pleasing increase in others collecting for charity, and also several of the Gen Y and younger joining a trend in volunteering overseas, in local soup kitchens & op shops, sitting down to talk to homeless people to hear their story (I observed this almost daily in Melbourne CBD) – and are very open to sustainable practises.

A Dog year will anchor this sense of Otherness in. Now we have finally turned the corner in “lack”, exclusion & separation and can expect more “trust” and greater harmony & connections with dog/like kindness in the coming years.

On a fun note, those with dog phobias may find it subsiding slightly during a Dog year.

Also, here are some lucky signs you may want to wear/smell/play with this year:

Lucky colours – purple, green, red
Lucky numbers – 3, 4, 9
Lucky flowers – orchids, roses
Lucky directions – East, South, South East

To see how your Chinese Animal will fare this year, please email me for details:


On What Sagittarians and Christmas have in common…C2F85527-3B1D-4B05-96BB-C96662A79A92

Yes, it’s New Moon time – a perfect time to set new intentions on a clean slate. New Moon in Sag means we are able to harness the qualities of this zodiac sign and utilise them to inspire a new attitude for the month ahead.

Sagittarians are well known for their love of adventure, their courage, openness and warmth. Love comedy? Some of my favourite people with the driest, wittiest humour are Sag’s.

So when setting your goals for this month, include a trip to somewhere you’ve never been, or attempt an activity you find personally daring. Fortune favours the brave, right? (seems to be the theme for 2017).

Christmas also is a time that sets out to inspire warmth & openness – so if you find the shopping, parking, endless cards to write, and anything else Christmas-related rather draining, use the bold Sag energy to try a different way of getting those Xmas “chores” done (eg try supporting an online greeting card store and upload a personalised photo – or discover a new pop-up store – or support a small local business where there’s less traffic and zero parking issues – try Kuranda Original Markets, for example).

Make it fun – and as always, see the humour the way a Sag would.

Merry Christmas, all! 💛🎄🎁⭐️


On Calming the Monkey Mind this Gemini Super Moon on Dec 3, 2017B3FA823F-4070-4661-AF8B-EED3530A5299.jpeg

First of all what is a Super Moon? It’s when the moon happens to be full at the same time it’s closest to Earth during its orbit, making the moon appear at its largest than in any other phase.

If you’re new to “all this moon talk” the theory is: the moon affects tides, so why not other bodies as well that hold a lot of water – for example humans, being made up of a lot of water – the percentage is much debated, but it’s up there in the 70-80% range.

In many philosophical or spiritual belief systems, water is the emotional element. So no wonder the moon affects our emotions, particularly during a Full Moon, and especially during a Super Moon.

Now you may be wondering how the astrological sign of Gemini comes into play. Every 2-3 days, the moon travels through different constellations, making the astrological influence of that sign felt in our actions and thoughts (even if it is not your natal sun sign).

A Gemini is the natural born thinker, chameleon, the one who is interested in learning & can handle many different concepts at once. They can also put themselves in others’ shoes (commonly being mistaken for being two-faced) … and they can feel true empathy. So expect to be able to tap in to how others are feeling during this time and perhaps look at the world through their eyes to create more empathy between you.

All signs have their challenges though, and Gemini’s is the tendency to over-analyse. Also, despite this sign’s natural light, wit and engaging personalities, they also have a deep insecurity that they aren’t enough and must employ masks (taken from the various worlds they walk in) to fit in or win others’ acceptance.

They also struggle with being pushed into a limiting boxed/matrix/systematic way of life. Many brilliant performers such as Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe often suffered the brunt of this. Marilyn especially was an incredibly intelligent woman who wished to expand her work into other areas, but others made it difficult for her to escape the “blonde bombshell” box as she produced a lot of revenue in those roles, and suffered personally for it.

So to combat any intense feelings of restriction or that you aren’t enough, find a quiet space – even if it’s several times in your mind throughout the day – to repeat over and over to yourself that you are ENOUGH. You are perfectly acceptable the way you are. And you have the right to expand and explore to grow as a human.

Also expect your heightened monkey mind to plague you with busy thoughts, perhaps even combatting the positive affirmations you’ve just given yourself…but there simple techniques to squash this. We often think it’s going to be a hard climb uphill to still the mind, but it’s the simplest route of all.

Take the time to look at these Japanese Snow Monkeys in this picture, how still they are. How did they achieve that peace? They’re just DOING what monkeys DO. They’re not trying. Whether you want to take to the ocean, a local spa with water treatments or a warm bath/shower at home, just DO and BE. If thoughts come up, focus on the contact of the water on your skin. Focus on each breath going in and out. Repeat the process until you feel the shift from Conscious Thinking to Being.

Not that Conscious Thought is always a bad thing. Also use this lunar time to dream up new dreams or research into projects you’d like to get your teeth into, to expand your knowledge base.

To learn more techniques to still the mind, come to Tuesday Meditations or download my 5 Week Meditation Courses, see Classes page for more info


On Guidance with Sekhmet during the Second New Moon in Leo in 2017img_2436

On Wednesday I ran my monthly Goddess inspired meditation class based on the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. I wanted to share how Sekhmet can help you in the month ahead.

We have a 2nd new moon coming up this month (21/22 August, check your time zone for details) in Leo meaning it’s time to bravely step towards the new. This second new moon unfortunately means we can be thrown into the lion’s shadow side of ruling with an iron fist, judging others and ourselves harshly.
Here’s where Sekhmet comes in. She is a Goddess with many aspects – the Lioness (both worker bee and wise ruler), the Destroyer, the Protector and Healer.
She had a temple in Karnak where offerings were made to appease her lest her Destroyer aspect come out (it is said Ra the sun god became tired of humans causing havoc and plucked a feather of Hathor from his crown, which turned into a lioness version of Sekhmet who hunted down all the trouble makers, leaving a bloody path in her wake).
In our own way, we can snap at others and leave a sense of doom behind us, so beware of being irritable as the new moon approaches.

She also had a temple on an island in an estuary on the river Nile, this is where her priests of healing and education worked tirelessly to bring wellbeing and knowledge to the community.

So, work with Sekhmet’s benelovent side and continue with your purging, healing & manifesting work we talked out about in the previous Lionsgate portal post.

Imagine all your recent wounds healed and a slow release of energy and vitality returning to you, much like a lioness waking up, refreshed, stretching & ready for the good that lies ahead. It’s yours for the taking.
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 On reaching for the sky during the Lionsgate Portal!

On July 26 2017, Sirius, Earth and the Sun moved to meet in the cosmos to create energy, resulting in a choice for us to purge much and dream big.
On July 8th, these bodies will be fully aligned and a portal known as the Lionsgate (being the month of Leo) will open, maximising the opportunity for us to accept in change.

I’ve noticed in a lot of my readings lately, people have reported feeling unusually anxious, a “calm before the storm” feeling, or difficulties choosing between paths at their crossroads (and when I say a lot of people, I’m talking 25 out of the 35-40 odd I do per week).

This is the Lionsgate energy asking them to not be anxious, but aware of what needs to go and to be open to change for the BETTER.

This decade has been a difficult one for many, and we’ve almost become used to things not working out – but things ARE getting better if we only accept the download in the new consciousness being sent to us. Expect to be more open, accepting, and to have more fuel in your tank.

So leading up to August the 8th, why not do the old “write down what you don’t want”, then burn or bury it (sending it off with love, not malice) and when you get to Lionsgate day, write down what you DO want, especially your greatest wishes for yourself and how you could make a true contribution to the planet in your own special way.

Then leave it out in the sun all day, and from that day onwards, take inspirational and practical action to make these dreams a reality.

Happy Imbolc to all & wishing you a joyous Lionsgate.

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